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Purgatory X review

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"A place inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven or hell."

Welcome to PurgatoryX, a place where YOU get to choose your destination, Heaven or Hell. Feeling a bit more on the naughty side where things get dirty, and the sex is devilish? Then explore our Hellish stories and immerse yourself in wicked, wild and raunchy sex. Or, are you more inclined to float on the clouds and soar with angels in sweet, blissful tender moments? Then discover our world of Heavenly inspired sexy stories that are filled with delicious love making and the lighter side of divine fornication. In PurgatoryX, you get to have it your way every time.

PurgatoryX allows you to choose your destination; Heaven, where sexy, passionate scenes are featured or Hell, where devilish, taboo and dark scenes are featured. All scenes contain three episodes, called a Trilogy.

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